The Cecchetti Method

We follow the Cecchetti (che-ke-tea) ballet syllabus and our examining board is the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. The ISTD provides a series of graded examinations accredited by Ofqual and the syllabus is called ‘Cecchetti’ because it is based on the teaching methods of Enrico Cecchetti (1850 – 1928).

Enrico Cecchetti was born in Italy in 1850 and his dancing career took him to Russia. He was considered the greatest dancer of his time and was famous for creating the role of ‘Bluebird’ in Sleeping Beauty. The choreography in the bluebird solo still challenges dancers today.

Enrico Cecchetti taught some of the biggest names in ballet history including Anna Pavlova (pictured). He also taught Ninette de Valois who founded the Royal Ballet in London. His influence spanned all of Europe, and the world. Enrico Cecchetti died in 1928 at the age of 78. He continued teaching right up until the day before he died.

Today Cecchetti teachers around the world still refer to A Manual of the Theory and Practice of Classical Theatrical Dancing (Cecchetti Method) written by Cyril Beaumot in 1922. The Cecchetti grades that we teach today are greatly influenced by this 1920’s manual. It is very special to follow a syllabus with such a beautiful and traceable history.