• We follow the Cecchetti (che-ke-tea) syllabus and pupils can do graded exams (with an outside examiner) if they wish. Our examining board is the ISTD and they provide a series of graded examinations accredited by Ofqual.
  • Exams are never compulsory and pupil success is celebrated with ‘in house’ certificates and reports in addition to formal exam opportunities. Children can move up the grades (when they are old enough / when they are ready) without taking exams.
  • A minimum of three candidates is required for an exam to take place. So if your child is keen, they need two keen classmates as well.
  • If choosing to go ahead with an exam entry, candidates usually require some extra lessons leading up to their exam.
  • Exams usually take place in Petersfield (joining with another Cecchetti school).
  • The exam fee is about £60, billed in advance.
  • Exam candidates are required to wear a specific uniform advised by the teacher.
  • Candidates are awarded with Pass, Merit or Distinction dependent on how well they do in the exam. It takes 6 to 8 weeks to receive the results from the ISTD examining board.
  • After taking an exam, your child’s new grade could be at a different class time.